Safaris Make Great Honeymoons

safari honeymoons

Looking for something different besides the usual honeymoon vacation ideas? There are no written rules when it comes to choosing the perfect honeymoon location, making a safari honeymoon a great option for couples who love adventure and are looking to do something a little bit different when on their honeymoon. A honeymoon is a truly special time that allows newlywed couples to celebrate the beginning of their new life together and for that reason a honeymoon destination should be anywhere a newlywed couple wants it to be.

safari honeymoons

Safaris Make Great Honeymoons!

More and more newlywed couples are looking for unique honeymoon ideas these days, and safaris are proving so far to be one of the top honeymoon choices. Especially for couples who love nature. They really like the idea of being able to take a safari honeymoon and see it as taking a romantic adventure that will give them memories that will easily last a lifetime.

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Why a Safari Honeymoon?

A safari is one of the best ways for someone to see nature and wildlife up close, making for a truly exceptional honeymoon adventure trip. A safari can easily provide the thrills and excitement newlywed couples are looking for when choosing a honeymoon destination, and is also one of the safest ways for them to enjoy exploring all that a particular safari location has to offer. A safari honeymoon will be focused on creating a number of unique and exciting experiences that the newlywed couple can take home with them, treasuring them forever.

Safari Expedition Examples

What are some of the things newlywed couples can do when deciding to take a safari honeymoon? Here’s a short list:

  • Track gorillas with a wildlife expert guide
  • Wake up in a tent to see elephants only feet away enjoying eating their breakfast
  • Enjoy romantic dinners under the stars
  • Go on an adventurous hike
  • Visit any nearby National Parks
  • Enjoy the local cuisine

giraffes on safari

Safari Honeymoon – Luxury or Modest?

While many honeymooners prefer taking a luxury safari honeymoon, other honeymooners would rather get up close and personal to the many experiences only a safari honeymoon can offer and therefore often choose modest tents as their lodging choice.

honeymoon safaris in tents

Best Safari Honeymoon?

So what’s the best safari honeymoon? The best safari honeymoon is going to be the honeymoon that best meets the newlyweds criteria for a romantic honeymoon safari. The following is a list of some of the more popular safari honeymoon destinations.

  • Zambia Safari Honeymoon
  • Botswana Safari Honeymoon
  • India Safari Honeymoon
  • Costa Rica Safari Honeymoon
  • Belize Safari Honeymoon
  • Australian Safari Honeymoon

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