A Look Back at 2014 & Forward to 2015 Travel Trends

travel trends 2015

Snob Trips had a great year in 2014.  We have seen continual and steady growth and want to thank each one of you for being valuable clients. Here’s a look back at our 5 most popular posts of the year.

epcot goodnight
“Goodnight” 2014 – This appeared on the Epcot ball when we were leaving the park after Illuminations fireworks show.

5. Europe Group Travel – I was surprised to see that so many of you are interested in taking a group to Europe as you love this post.

4. Heber Halloween Activities – this post rounded up our local things to do on Halloween. I love helping locals as well as national clients.

3. 7 Las Vegas Non-Gambling Hotels –  lots of you enjoy family friendly options in Las Vegas.

2.  10 Oahu, Hawaii Sites for History & Cultural Buffs – as a Hawaii specialist, I have referred many clients to this post for some must-see sites and have gotten lots of traffic from Google and Pinterest.

1. Buy 1, Get 1 Free Cruise – It was no surprise that this post did so well.  Many of you took advantage of NCL’s buy a cruise and get one for free. Hopefully you were one of the lucky ones!

travel trends 2015

Looking ahead to 2015

Some of the top travel trends we are seeing for 2015 include:

1. Generational Travel – many grandparents are joining their families on vacations – hot destinations include beach vacations, Disney trips and cruises.

2. Cruises – river cruises are the hottest new product as shown by all the new ships entering the market for 2015. Cruises remain an incredible value.

3. Hotels – more people are opting for local immersion type accommodations, staying in unique villas and bungalows and B & Bs. All-inclusive resorts also top the list.

4. Smartphones are Invaluable – Your cell phones will become your best planning tool.  Who wants to stand in a line at Disney? Just check your phone to see the wait times.  You’ll also be able to book all of your dining reservations easily and see if the train is on time. Score a deal on a taxi through apps like Ubber or Lyft.

5. Culinary Vacations – If you’re a foodie, then 2015 is your year!  We’re seeing a trend in vacations designed around tempting your taste buds with reserved dining at top restaurants. Eat healthy on the road as we’re finding more healthy eating options on cruises and group tours.

 How can I help you create a fantastic vacation in 2015?

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