Fabulous Fiji Tropical Vacations Without the Luxury Price Tag

fabulous fiji

Looking for the best and most fabulous tropical vacations available that don’t come with the all too common luxury price tag? Whether you’re wanting to take a tropical vacation to celebrate a special time in your life, like your honeymoon, or are simply looking for the best tropical vacation ideas for your next yearly vacation, know that there are some truly fabulous tropical vacations available at a truly affordable price.

One of the more popular tropical vacation destinations that can offer travelers a fabulous tropical vacation without the luxury price is Fiji!

fabulous fiji


Fiji is a tropical island vacation destination where travelers can choose from more than 300 islands to visit, with each one offering its own unique island vacation experience. One of the best tips for travelers who are looking for a fabulous tropical vacation experience that doesn’t come with a luxury price tag attached is to hire a professional travel agent. Travel agents always have the inside scoop and for that reason always know how to create the best topical vacation at a price point that are within a traveler’s budget.

Fiji Accommodations

  • Because Fiji is a tropical island destination, any accommodations are going to offer travelers a fabulous tropical vacation experience because they will be situated right on the beach or right in the middle of a tropical jungle.
  • Many Fiji vacation packages come with a free breakfast and afternoon tea, as well as tickets for snorkeling and kayaking.
  • Renting a local villa can offer luxury accommodations, and tends to cost less than hotel accommodations in Fiji.
  • You stay in an over-water bungalow for a much better price than found in Bora Bora. 

Fiji Local Cuisine

  • Fiji’s local cuisine is a must (vs. imported, which costs more), as this is one of the best way to experience their culture and save money.
  • Fiji meal packages and buffets are also available that offer travelers great deals on local cuisine
  • Snack Stands offer travelers affordable prices on the best local foods, like fish and chips

Fiji Affordable Things To Do

  • National Parks, Wildlife Parks, Marine Parks
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Charter your own boat for an island-hopping day trip!

Tropical Vacations Without the Luxury Price Tag Tips

  • Book early
  • Travel off-season
  • An affordable all-inclusive Fiji package is worth the price for travelers who plan on indulging in food, drinks, more.

Fabulous Fiji Island Resorts

The following Fiji resorts are able to offer travelers a fabulous tropical vacation without the luxury price tag attached!

  • Barefoot Manta Island Resort
  • Blue Lagoon Island Resort
  • Bounty Island Resort
  • Mantaray Island Resort
  • Octopus Island Resort
  • Fiji offers fabulous over-water bungalows without the hefty price point that French Polynesia offers.

fiji over the water bungalows

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